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Re: Bounding boxes for overlaid characters

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Bounding boxes for overlaid characters
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 08:59:45 +1000

There is no actual overstrike operation in Lout in the sense of taking
the maximum of two bounding boxes.  The nearest you can get to it is
with the overstrike gap mode, as in

    A |0io B

The resulting object has height and depth equal to the maximum of the
height and depth of A and B, left width equal to the left width of A,
and right width equal to the right width of B.

Alternatively you can use A /0io B which does the same thing with the
dimensions switched.  Someone whose head is less fuzzy than mine is
this morning might be able to overstrike these two things themselves
in such a way as to get the bounding box right, but I've never tried
it myself.

There is an @Overstrike symbol in the standard packages which packages
things up nicely for you:

    def @OverStrike left x right y
        @OneRow { @HContract @VContract x /0io @HContract @VContract y }

All the extra symbols are there to ensure that it works even when x
or y has several rows or columns.  But it doesn't claim to get the
bounding box right.

Jeff Kingston

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