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Bug with rlines in @Break?

From: Monty Zukowski
Subject: Bug with rlines in @Break?
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 15:48:27 -0800

I'm using lout 3.12 and am having a bug with rlines not justifying to the
right occasionally.  I have two nearly identical files, one which gets right
justified and one which doesn't.  It seems the only difference is reduced to
the following:

This doesn't work, in that "Epiphany" is left justified:
{ rlines 1.2fx nohyphen } @Break {

But this works:
{ rlines 1.2fx nohyphen } @Break {
Epiphany {}

Is this a misunderstanding of the syntax on my part or an acutal bug?  I'd
be happy to send complete sample files if anyone wished to debug this.



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