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Re: BeOS version?

From: Chris Herborth
Subject: Re: BeOS version?
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:30:46 -0500

Previously, Daren Scot Wilson (address@hidden) writes:
> The FAQ for Lout says it runs on BeOS, but there's no clue where to get
> an executable or how to compile it.   Do I just compile as if it were on
> unix?

I originally compiled it for BeOS (PowerPC) quite a while ago, but I was
never able to get it to work... probably library bugs or it needs more
than 256K of stack.  I also had some fun getting it working under QNX,
but that was definitely a library problem...

Lout compiles very easily under BeOS, but I've never managed to make it
run.  I think the 256K fixed stack in BeOS is the killer.

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