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RE: HTML 4/XML+CSS2 front-end

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: RE: HTML 4/XML+CSS2 front-end
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 08:50:46 -0000

> -----Původní zpráva-----
> Od:   David Duffy [SMTP:address@hidden
> Odesláno:     31. prosince 1998 1:36
> Komu: Matěj Cepl
> Kopie:        Lout Mailing List
> Předmět:      RE: HTML 4/XML+CSS2 front-end
> I know little about SGML etc, but would think you have only a few
> options :-)
> 1) Write pretty HTML4, and print less elegant Postscript via a browser
> (I 
> have been using Amaya, which has the virtue of being pretty close to
> the standard)
        [MCepl]  That's my currente state of the nation (however, the
HTML browser is MS IE 3.02, being still a victim of M$ NT and M$ Win

> 2) Write Lout and:
>       a) for the web, provide PDF (or PS) versions of your critical
> documents
>       b) write a lout to HTML converter dedicated to your particular
>          problems 
>       c) use a preprocessor/macros to automate the writing of Lout wrt
>        inflected characters (another emacs mode perhaps?)
        [MCepl]  About reasons why I do not want to use LOUT (with all
due respect to Lout -- I do not really to flame it, it's a real and nice
piece of software), I have written in my previous email.

> 3) Write SGML (Jade), as Uwe suggested.
        [MCepl]  If SGML is supserset of HTML and Jade is able to
process SGML, would it be possible to utilize Jade for HTML processing?
How about CSS?

> 4) Use WordPerfect ;) [are you running Linux?]
        [MCepl]  I have to use M$ Win NT at work, so I use M$ Win 3.11
at home as well (I would have to buy new computer to be able to use
Linux -- currently I have 386SX/40MHz/4 MB RAM/170 MB HDD).

> It depends whether you want to solve a current limited problem, or
> create
> a general tool for other users, I guess.
        [MCepl]  Well, neither. I would like to get a general tool for
myself. :-)


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