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A couple of lout queries

From: G . B . Stott
Subject: A couple of lout queries
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 14:33:18 +0100

Hi there,

These cropped up when trying to modify Jeff's letter scheme to make it do
more. They are both related to the input of the recipient's name and address
in a letter.

1. Suppose I want to print the name and address twice: once as it stands and
once with the first line, the name part, in a bold font. Is it possible to
do this using something like the following in my letter or must I have
separate definitions for @Name and @Address?

@NameAndAddress {
Name part
Address line 1
Address line n

2. If I have a long letter, I want to put the recipient's name as part of
the heading on second and subsequent sheets. For now, I'll just consider the
second sheet. The page header comes from @EvenTop, a named parameter in
@DocumentLayout. I cannot simply set this to a new value since:
(a) the setting must be done within @Use { @DocumentLayout @EvenTop ... } and
(b) the information about what to put there is not known till after that

The next ploy was to `extend' @DocumentLayout and, within the extension,
redefine @EvenTopHeader, which uses @EvenTop (as is done in the examples in
latest/636 in the lout mail archive). The new @EvenTop can be made to use
the the recipient's name but I suspect, from the experiments I've done, that
the original @EvenTopHeader is being used. Hence the question: which version
of @EvenTopHeader is being used?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If there is insufficient
information here, just ask and more will be provided.


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