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Re: Figure placement

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Figure placement
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 08:30:51 +1000

> rather than just whining

Don't worry, plenty of other people do it, and it's a spur to
action on my part.  I'm quite sure that Lout would be a far less
effective thing today if there had been less whining over the years.

> Is it possible to stop figures from being scaled when using the
> AfterLine location style? What I would like to happen is that the
> figure gets moved to the top of the next page and blank space left
> at the bottom of the page it didn't fit on.

I understand this and I will look into it.  It comes about because
of Lout's generality:  there are times when you have to scale an
object, because otherwise it won't fit in the document at all; and
there are times when you can just skip to the next place it can go.
I guess there is a need to revisit the criteria Lout uses to choose
between these two options.

> Will Lout ever be able to fill text around floating figures that
> don't span the complete column width?

No, never.  Lout is built entirely on rectangles, and they are so
deeply embedded in the system that the kind of L shaped text you
get by filling around a figure is right out of the question.  In
the magnificant vapourware successor to Lout, perhaps...


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