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Problems with unpaginated ASCII

From: Nimrod Zimerman
Subject: Problems with unpaginated ASCII
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 15:31:52 +0300


I'm experiencing severe problems trying to produce unpaginated ASCII

Shortly - Lout segmentation faults.
Sadly, I can't localize this problem very well, and I don't have the time to
investigate it.

Enclosed is the file (gzipped) that causes the problem. If you feel like
looking into it, it would be great.

I have discovered that if you comment line 23, all is well and nothing
segmentation faults.

I execute 'lout lout-problem.lout -p > output'.

Is there any other way I could produce unpaginated output? Some magic
solution? A morbid hack for the time being?

(For the interested reader - this document is a draft I'm working on for the
ICGnu project. It has not been proof read or spell checked yet).


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