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How to do this?

From: Edward S. Hirgelt
Subject: How to do this?
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:26:19 -0700

What I want to do is set up a function that allows me to enter an
arbitrary number of ``rows'' of data and build a table out of it (just
like @Tab).  In fact, I want to use @Tab within it.  The goal is to
build a time sheet without having to use the mechanics of @Tab.

The enclosed files show my attempt at this.  It doesn't work
unfortunately.  If I don't refer to @Rowa in the @DoHr and @DoTo
definitions, I do get output, but it isn't formated properly.

I've tried variations on everything. At first I didn't have the @Do*
definitions, but invoked them directly within the body of the
function.  That didn't work any differently.  I went to the macro
version after looking at @Tab (perhaps not carefully enough).

So, what am I missing (short of rewriting @Tab or including most of it

I've enclosed two files, log.lout that tests this and mydefs.  Any
comments or suggetions greatly appreciated.

 Edward S. Hirgelt             "Education is the ability to listen to
 TIBCO Inc.                     almost anything without losing your 
                                temper or your self-confidence."
 Palo Alto, Ca                                  --Robert Frost
 address@hidden   415 846 5034

@Text @Begin

The intent of the "@HourLog" definition is to allow me to enter
a set of time ranges and build up a table of hours worked.
The model for this is "@Tab" itself which is used internally.
The unfortunate output is nothing for the hour log.
I tried it both with the macro indirection in the definition as
it now stands and without.  The results are the same.
        @Hr st{10:15} fin{13:15} tot{3^.0}
        @Hr st{13:15} fin{14:15} tot{1^.0}
        @Hr st{15:00} fin{18:00} tot{3^.0}
        @To {7^0}
End of test
@End @Text
export @Hr @To

def @HourLog
        body @theHours
        import @Tab
        def @DoHr named st {}
                     named fin {}
                     named tot {}
                @Rowa A{st^--fin} B{tot}
                #st, fin, tot
        import @Tab
        def @DoTo right total
                @Rowa A{To^tal} B{total}
                #Total is total
        macro @Hr { / @DoHr }
        macro @To { / @DoTo }
        @Center @Tab
                between{yes} above{yes} below{yes} side{yes}
                @Fmta { @Col A ! @Col B }

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