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Problem with version 3.12, NT4.0

From: Thomas Steffen
Subject: Problem with version 3.12, NT4.0
Date: 21 Apr 1998 12:35:58 +0200


i have a problem with lout version 3.12 on NT4.0 using Cygnus WinGCC

trying to compile the user guide, the 2nd run is terminated with the
error message:

all.ld: Database seems to be out of date.

i was able to track this down in the source code, and it seems to
imply a version compatibility problem (which is nonsense, of course). 
so what went wrong, or how can i go about tracking the problem down?

yes, i have tried the suggested STATFIX (?), but it doesn't change a

btw, djgpp V2 compiles it fine and it works.

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