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Re: Lout FAQ/HOWTO availability

From: Eric Marsden
Subject: Re: Lout FAQ/HOWTO availability
Date: 15 Apr 1998 11:27:47 +0200

>>>>> "NZ" == Nimrod Zimerman <address@hidden> writes:

  NZ> He who has the Lout, PostScript or any other format of this FAQ is
  NZ> welcomed to e-mail it, and I'll put it on that site promptly
  NZ> (now, who might have it... I wonder. Will Eric Marsden reveal himself?).
  NZ> If at all possible, a link from the official Lout site should probably
  NZ> be established.
  NZ> How many hits does that site get, by the way? How well is Lout doing?
  NZ> If Marsden, or somebody else, feels this isn't the right thing to do,
  NZ> please let me know.

Well, www.chez.com is back up so you can download the different
versions directly. Uwe has already volunteered to host the HOWTO on
the Lout home page; I don't know if it is very useful to have a
proliferation of mirrors (though please feel free to go ahead if you
wish -- the domain name is an excellent idea). How about hosting a
browseable archive of Lout style-sheets and example documents instead?
I think that would be very useful.

I don't have any information about hits on my Lout pages. I can tell
you that there is an article on Lout in the latest issue of the Linux
Gazette, a free online monthly newletter on Linux:


This follows an earlier article by Larry Ayers on word
processing/markup in the October issue:


Now the interesting thing is that Larry Ayer's article bemoaned the
lack of an Emacs mode for Lout, which prompted me to write one (to
learn Emacs Lisp). The more recent article also states that there is
no Emacs mode, which suggests that the author didn't do his homework
properly, but also perhaps that the Lout web resources aren't
sufficiently visible.

Regarding the HOWTO (which is urgently needing an update), I would
urge people who receive by private email useful responses to questions
asked on the louters list (or even directly to Jeff) to summarize the
results to the list; I will then add to the HOWTO.

Eric Marsden
emarsden @ mail.dotcom.fr
It's elephants all the way down

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