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Lout FAQ/HOWTO availability

From: Nimrod Zimerman
Subject: Lout FAQ/HOWTO availability
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 17:25:08 +0300


As a quick and dirty step, I've decided to set up a Lout FAQ/HOWTO
mirror site, hosted by the free hosting service FortuneCity.com.

It is now available on-line under 
http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/raytrace/358, with a
soon-to-be-activated Monolith AtHome URL pointing at it, named
(Or, in short, http://lout.home.ml.org should be its official URL
in less than four hours, when the excellent ml.org service updates
its nameserver).

He who has the Lout, PostScript or any other format of this FAQ is
welcomed to e-mail it, and I'll put it on that site promptly
(now, who might have it... I wonder. Will Eric Marsden reveal himself?).
If at all possible, a link from the official Lout site should probably
be established.
How many hits does that site get, by the way? How well is Lout doing?

If Marsden, or somebody else, feels this isn't the right thing to do,
please let me know.


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