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From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Parts
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 12:18:51 +1000

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    From: Wolfram Kahl <address@hidden>
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    Subject: Parts in Books don't work??
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    I am using a copy of the $LOUTLIB/includes/book setup file and
    I am trying to get ``Part'' pages (and contents entries) ---
    it does not work as described in the 3.11 manual.
    Is this a known bug? Does it work in other versions?
    Many thanks,

I came upon this myself, fortuitously, a few weeks ago, and fixed it.
So the next release (due out in the next couple of weeks) will have
the fix.  I think it used to work, but then I reorganized things
behind the scenes and wrecked it.

Jeff Kingston

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