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Re: how do you write a letter in Lout?

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: how do you write a letter in Lout?
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 10:24:42 +1000

> Is there a letter style for lout?
No.  I have my own letter style that I could send to anyone who wants it.
>From time to time I have pondered this question, but I've always got
stuck on working our what people really need.  My own letter style has
my letterhead in a definition, and I write
       @To { ... addressee, multiple lines }
     blah blah blah
It fills in the letterhead, the current date, and my signature line at
the bottom.
On this note, I seem to remember that troff used to come with a macro
that would print "AT&T Bell Laboratories" and their logo, which was
in one of the fonts.  I think if you asked for a technical memorandum,
or some such thing, it came out looking like you were a member of
staff of Bell Labs.  This site-specific thing is an obstacle to
creating a letter style, imo.

Perhaps we need a discussion of this issue - we might be able to come
up with a solution.


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