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Hyphenation Problem

From: Dominikus Herzberg
Subject: Hyphenation Problem
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 13:07:47 +0100

Hi Lout'ers,

I noticed a problem when using '&-' for hyphenation, see below.

[BTW: Don't try to understand the german text in the Lout source, it's
      not essential in order to understand the problem; I think the 
      problem is language independent. To avoid problems in mail transfer,
      I changed the german character 'sz' to 'ss'.]

 1: @SysInclude { doc }
 2: @Document
 3:   @InitialLanguage { German }
 4: //
 5: @Text @Begin
 6: 11.5c @Wide {
 7: In diesem Zusammenhang sind noch die 
 8: Marketing-Informations&-systeme zu nennen, deren Nutzen gerade
 9: in der Identifizierung von Marktchancen und der Entwicklung von
10: Marketing-Massnahmen zu sehen ist. }
11: @End @Text

After compilation of this source with Lout 3.11 I see the word
'Informationssysteme' hyphenated but *without* a hyphen.

When I played around a bit I noticed that whenever a second hyphenation
is done by Lout the missing hyphen is inserted, e.g. change line 10 to:

10: grossen Marketing-Massnahmen zu sehen ist. }

Does anybody have an explanation for that? Is it a bug in Lout?

Best regards

Dominikus Herzberg

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