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Re: hyphenation and multiple languages

From: Vladimir Volovich
Subject: Re: hyphenation and multiple languages
Date: 26 Nov 1997 02:33:46 +0300

"JK" == Jeff Kingston writes:

 JK> Lout will hyphenate
 JK> each word according to the rules of that word's language.

As far as I understood looking into Lout's hyphenation pattern files,
the information on uppercase/lowercase translation in contained in
these files. Am I right, that Lout uses similar (to TeX's one) method
of finding possible hyphenation places: first, it loads the whole
paragraph into `horizontal list', and then it begins to search for
hyphenation places. When searching for hyphenation places, Lout
converts all words to lower case (using conversion table contained in
hyphenation pattern file). Does the Lout use a conversion table
specific for the language of current word, or it uses the table which
is valid for the last language in a paragraph (like TeX does)?

With best regards,

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