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Changing parameters midstream.

From: James A. Brister
Subject: Changing parameters midstream.
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 19:52:57 +0100

I'm going to create several RawWideTaggedLists nested within each other,
and I need to have different indents for the tags. Now according to the dl
include file, the width is governed by the @WideIndent value. I can't
figure out how to change that at some random spot in the input so that the
next list uses the new value. 

I tried this:

        @RawWideTaggedList labelwidth { 2c } 

but get complaints about double use of labelwidth (as RWTL is a macro that
already uses it). The next, less desirable solution seemd to be to create
my own macros similarly to RWTL (or just use the expansion directly), but
it needs a symbol @TagPlace that isn't exported.

So. The specific question is how can I have multiple lists with different
indents, and more generally, how can a value like @WideIndent be changed in
the middle of a file (and can I restore its original value by a scoping
mechanism). The user & expert guides don't talk a whole lot about the
programming model...


James Brister                                             address@hidden
Internet Software Consortium      http://www.isc.org      address@hidden

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