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Lout modes for Emacs

From: Marsden Eric
Subject: Lout modes for Emacs
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 17:05:47 +0100

Hello Louters,

The Lout world has gone from a dearth of Emacs modes to a glut; Gordon
Dean and I have been working independently on two different versions.
Both are available for testing (they're both in beta, and under GPL)

which is also the home of the Lout FAQ/HOWTO. I can mail either
package to anyone without web access. Comments and suggestions are

Gordon Deane's <address@hidden> package is based on
Auc-TeX, and currently works only with XEmacs. It provides

        - powerful font lock support 
        - electric quotes and dollars 
        - completion support 
        - keyboard shortcuts 
        - an appropriate syntax table 

GNU Emacs users might like my Emacs mode, which provides 
        - font lock support 
        - compilation mode with next-error handling 
        - interaction with a Postscript previewer 
        - completion support 
        - imenu support 
        - faces support (M-g b, etc) 
        - a friendly menu for easy insertion of common Lout constructs

In the short term we will steal ideas from one another, and might in time
merge the two developments, depending on the directions they move in.
I plan on adding XEmacs support and improving the font-lock stuff,
while staying in the line of standard Emacs modes such as tex-mode. 
Gordon plans on incorporating inline image previewing, support for
multiple fonts, and providing a sophisticated environment in the line
of Auc-Tex.

Eric Marsden
emarsden @ mail.dotcom.fr
It's elephants all the way down.

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