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Help, Cannot break object

From: Ivan Fontaine
Subject: Help, Cannot break object
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 16:27:04 +0100

I defined the following function:

def @PrivateMember
        named @Function {}
        named @Parameters {}
        named @Return {}
        named @Explain {}
|1c {Helvetica Bold 13p} @Font address@hidden ()}       
{Courier Bold address@hidden @Box paint {nochange} white @Colour{Private }      
{Helvetica Bold 11p} @Font @Return  {Helvetica Base 11p} @Font
address@hidden ({ {Courier Base 12p}  @Font @Parameters} ) }
|2c  @Explain

The trouble I have is that lout doesn't break @Explain. If @Explain is
big enough, lout insert a page break and @Explain is printed on the next
page. What must I do to avoid this ?

Thanks for any help.

Ivan Fontaine

    Transport et Distribution de l'Energie Electrique
Institut d'Electricite Montefiore - Universite de Liege

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