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Re: [Jeff: Re: Chapter and section numbering]

From: Robert Marsa
Subject: Re: [Jeff: Re: Chapter and section numbering]
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 07:33:06 -0500

On Sep 29,  9:09pm, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Subject: Re: [Jeff: Re: Chapter and section numbering]
> > In short, you can't.  You will have to decide that it is a good
> > thing for the summary section to be numbered with the others.
> That is too bad. I might decide that it is a good thing but my tutor will
> not. We have certain requirements as to the structure of theses.
> Seriously, is there a way to define my own type of structural unit? There
> are such types as @Section, @Chapter etc, may I make my own type, like
> @Summary, for example? If yes, where do I dig?
> Thanks a lot.
> --
> Victor Sudakov
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> http://www.obluo.tomsk.su/~vas
> PGP public key: finger address@hidden
>-- End of excerpt from Victor Sudakov

I hate to contradict Jeff, but I see no reason why you can't do what you want.
 I did a similar sort of thing for my dissertation.  What I would suggest, is
to make an @Summary similar to @Section and an @SummaryPlace galley.  Modify
the definition of @Chapter to include @SummaryPlace after the section list.  In
your definition of @Summary, you need to include an @ContentsEntry to get it to
show up in the contents.

You should be able to figure most of this out from looking at the book layout
file.  Also, check the expert manual.

Good luck,

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