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Re: Preaching DSSSL (Re: using LOUT)

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Preaching DSSSL (Re: using LOUT)
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 16:04:56 +0400

On Wed, Sep 03, 1997 at 11:19:12AM +0100, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> From: address@hidden (Sebastian Rahtz)
> Cc: address@hidden

> on the downside, the lout backend would be limited to people with
> lout. the reason for TeX is that it is so widespread.

Given that Lout is highly portable and is very easy to install - this
is not so much a problem.  Lout compiles out of box on any Unix
machine with ANSI C compiler.  Besides precomipled Lout is available
as a package for most Linux distributions and for FreeBSD, so people
can just say pkgadd (or whatever) and it's there.  MS-DOS Lout is
availble from my ftp.  On OS/2 Lout is reported to compile out of box
(whoever done this, can you please put binaries on some ftp archive?).
Plan9 port should be straight, though I don't know if anyone actually
did this.  And if I correctly understood recent posting from Chris
Herborth, he has made QNX and BeOS ports.  I don't know what has
happened to Mac port, some on the list said he'd make it excluding

> plus, of course, it has features like a PDF-generating version,

PDF backend to Lout would be a good thing to have.  As far as I can
tell, changes will be mostly local to the print service (z24.c).  It's
also interesting to investigate if it is possible to propagate Lout
crossreferences into PDF.

> and a native Unicode version.

Check an old (3 Nov 1995) message from Jeff at the list archives:

Jeff>  I'm a big supporter of Unicode and I would love to port Lout to
Jeff>  Unicode.  At present I don't think that Adobe is doing anything
Jeff>  much to support Unicode (correct me, world, if I'm wrong)
Jeff>  Life would be so much easier if PostScripts fonts and font
Jeff>  metric files were available (and widely distributed) in Unicode

As I haven't read PDF specs, can anyone who has tell us if PDF does
address this problem?

SY, Uwe
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