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LCM files

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: LCM files
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 11:55:25 +1000

    decimal number [NB: Jeff, why in the world do we have to duplicate
    this; computers can convert from ocatal to decimal and vice versa,
    let *them* do that] and a glyph name or "-none-" (w/out quotes of

This was a deliberate decision of mine, to increase the self-documenting
aspect of the LCM format.  People who look at LCM files always seem to
be asking themselves "OK, but what's that in decimal?" or "OK, but what's
that in octal?"  I got so sick of converting from octal to decimal all
the time when reading encodings that I decided to have both in the file.
Now people who read LCM files can see the octal and decimal values right
in front of them (I believe Lout even checks them for numeric equality)
and no-one has to do conversions any more.

There is a null.LCM file in directory maps that can serve as the skeleton
for any LCM file.  It has the octal and decimal values there for you.


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