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including COBOL?

From: Nick
Subject: including COBOL?
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 03:06:37 +0800 (WAUST)

Hi, I need to include my COBOL source code into my assignment 
documentation and there is about a 1000 lines of code.  Lout seems to 
give a lot of errors when I try to include it within a  @Verbatim 
statement.  Almost one page per line is produced in the postscript 
output.  I have tried to use @CP with an @Include  but I get some 
@ChapterList error in an unrelated include file.  So far Lout looks great 
but I really need to be able to include source code of various languages.
I was wondering please if there is a way to include large amounts of 
source code in my documents?
    Thanks, Nick.

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