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Lout 3.09 comments

From: Edward S. Hirgelt
Subject: Lout 3.09 comments
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 10:58:44 -0700

Well, I've been using Lout for a while (more than a year) but I was
amazed today.

I picked up 3.09 to see what was new.  I really like the new
diagramming package.  Much cleaner and easier to use than fig.  Thanks

I was, however, missing fig.  I underlined by headers and footers
using @address@hidden@address@hidden  Well, without fig (I converted
the few figures I had to diag) I was at a loss for how to solve my

Suddenly it dawned on me.  I can use a table in the header and footer
and have it place a rule above or below as I desire.  Now my running
headers look like: 

    @RunningOddTop              { 
        @Tab below{yes} @Fmta address@hidden A} 
            @Rowa address@hidden @MinorTitle @Right @B @PageNum} 

and it works.  It is really nice that all the various pieces work

Thanks again for a nice package.


 Edward S. Hirgelt              "Education is the ability to listen to
 TIBCO Inc.                     almost anything without losing your 
                                temper or your self-confidence."
 Palo Alto, Ca                                  --Robert Frost
 address@hidden   415 846 5034

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