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Formatting problem, and text in equations

From: Marnix Klooster
Subject: Formatting problem, and text in equations
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 96 20:34:43 -0000 (met)

Hello all,

I have a small formatting problem.  I want to do something like

Keyword --- a short explanation that might run over several lines,
            and hence should be treated as an ordinary paragraph.

    A more elaborate exposition, possibly consisting of multiple

Another keyword --- and so on...

This obviously is a kind of list.  But @TaggedList with @DropTagItem 
doesn't work: it apparently treats the tag as if contained in @OneCol.  
(Not quite, however, since the tag text runs `off the paper' on the
right hand side.  Even stranger, in plain text mode the rest of the
tag text is displayed on the *previous line*.  Is this a bug?)
Am I perhaps overlooking a simple way to get the desired format?

A related question: I'd like to use

xxx   Again, this is an ordinary paragraph, with the left margin
xxx   indented by @ParaIndent.  The `xxx' stands for an arbitrary
      object (e.g. a @Fig figure), the *top* of which should be
      aligned with the top of this paragraph.

Is there a simple way to do this?

And finally: is it possible to use ordinary text within equations?  I'd 
like to be able to say something like

      { -1  for negative x
  x = {  0  if x is zero
      {  1  for positive x

The simplest way to write this down would be to use

  @Eq { minus 1 @XXX { for negative } x }

where @XXX is the operator I'm looking for.



Marnix Klooster
address@hidden   //   address@hidden

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