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draft replacement for @Fig

From: Jeffrey H Kingston
Subject: draft replacement for @Fig
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 14:30:50 +0100

I have put a file "diag.ps" in my ftp directory.  It is the draft of
a new chapter of the User's Guide, describing a new symbol called
@Diag which will supersede @Fig for drawing diagrams (don't panic,
@Fig will remain as is for backward compatibility).  The full URL is


If you are a @Fig user it might be worth getting this file and
offering some comments.  I expect to release yet another version of
Lout in a few weeks, and this will be part of it; but I will be
tuning it and revising it between now and then, so there is
an opportunity for your comments to influence the final result.

Jeff Kingston
address@hidden  (until December)
address@hidden   (still works fine, is forwarded automatically)

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