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From: Antony Blakey
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 10:28:47 +0900

   I've just got lout 3.08 working under NT 3.51 / VC++ 4.1. There were two
problems, one of which is noted in the makefile as an OS/2 problem "possibly
related to the size of the file". In fact, the problem is that the norwegian
hyphenation file has $1A and $1C characters in the comments at the head of
the file. These confuse the text-mode file handling under PC operating
systems. Remove them and the system initializes fine. The other problem is
in the DbRetrieve function, where there is an fseek using a numeric
'from-whence' parameter. Unfortunately, under VC++ 4.1 at least, SEEK_SET !=
2, so replacing the numeric parameter with SEEK_SET fixes that problem (it
manifests itself as a problem with the database files, naturally).

Having fixed these two things it seems to work fine, although I haven't
verified the system() facilities yet.
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