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Lout Version 3.06 now available

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Lout Version 3.06 now available
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 15:51:34 +1000

This message is being sent to everyone on my private Lout mailing
list, and also to the public Lout mailing list.  If you don't want
to receive such messages, let me know and I will delete your name
from my private list (I don't control the public list).

Basser Lout Version 3.06 is now available in my ftp directory:


This is Version 3.05 with all known bugs removed (they were all very
obscure ones), no real enhancements.  I realize these updates are
getting boring, but I'm confident that this time we have a stable
version that works on OS/2 as well as Unix.  As soon as I receive
some reports of successful installations, I will advertise this
version on the net, and leave well alone for a few months.  (But
feel free to keep those suggestions rolling in, just don't expect
any action for a while.)

I've also put diff files in my ftp directory that ought to work
this time.

Jeff Kingston

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