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Four Lout Questions

From: Count Dracula
Subject: Four Lout Questions
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 10:25:00 -0400

(1) At one point in my document I insert 3 PostScript figures via 
These appear all on one page with a very small space left available at the 
of the page. In that small space Lout places one line of text and says:
   158,1: 0.4c object too high for 0.2c space; @VScale inserted
This rescales a line of text to a slightly smaller font. The document ends up
having one line of strange-looking text at the bottom of the page with the 
How can this behavior be suppressed? (i.e., leave the little space blank, go to
next page instead of trying to squeeze the text into the bottom of the page)

(2) What does this error message mean and what should I do to correct whatever 
going awry?
   324,1; this component of @DocumentBody did not fit into its nearest target
This is near the end of the document where I have @NP to make the References
start on a new page. By the way, how can I center and choose a font for the
bibliography title "References"?

(3) I have

@Tag{ eq:4 }
@Eq{ matrix {Psi = above {} nextcol max above {0 <= t <= T} nextcol bar `x(t)` 
bar above {} } }

I would like {0 <= t <= T} in a smaller font than the normal math font and 
vertically closer to "max". How can this be done?

(4) Is it possible to choose a font for "Figure 1" which is different from
the font used used for the caption of Figure 1?

 Levent Kitis           address@hidden    address@hidden
 University of Virginia Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear 

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