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translations needed

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: translations needed
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 16:47:04 +1000

I'm adding the following terms to Lout's database of standard
words and phrases.  I would appreciate it if people who can
supply me with translations for any of the languages Lout
currently knows about would do so asap.  For my convenience,
please use my format, and use the @Char symbol rather than
8-bit characters.

I'm not promising to implement the symbols suggested by
all of these terms, necessarily, but I have implemented
lists of figures and tables for Version 3.05.

English @Yield { List of Figures }
English @Yield { List of Tables }
English @Yield { Definition }
English @Yield { Lemma }
English @Yield { Theorem }
English @Yield { Proposition }
English @Yield { Corollary }
English @Yield { Example }
English @Yield { Proof }
English @Yield { Claim }

Thanks in advance.
Jeff Kingston

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