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what's new in Version 3.04

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: what's new in Version 3.04
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 15:50:09 +1000

What's new in Version 3.04

Several people have asked me what's new in Version 3.04.  I
have a lot to do just keeping the system up with people's
desires, so rather than writing a formal list of changes
that I'd have to keep up to date and accurate, here's a
quick list of interesting new things since Version 3.02.

    Bug fixes (they never end, it seems)
    Small capitals now work properly
    More flexible reference formatting setup file options
    List items and displays now break across page boundaries
    Quick reference guide (Appendix A, User's Guide)
    Version of @Eq that uses TeX's fonts
    Numbered list items can be tagged and referred to using @NumberOf
    Multi-paragraph figure captions and multi-page figures
    Various micro changes to @Eq to improve appearance
    Merged index entries, and better guidance on how to make an index
    DOS portability (I hope), still working on Mac portability
    Eiffel programming language printing
    Multi-word tags and sorting keys permitted
    Margin notes
    `Bypass' symbols (fewer passes for computer-generated Lout source)
    Arbitrary chapter heading and part heading layouts
    Viewers like GhostView now show real page numbers
    @Sup and @Sub (like equations) available everywhere (Dutch needs them!)
    Slovenian language
    ANSI C (getting closer and closer...)
    @IncludeGraphic will now accept a compressed file e.g. filename.eps.gz
    @Verbatim { ... } like in LaTeX.

Jeff Kingston

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