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Lout Version 3 update

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Lout Version 3 update
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 16:45:46 +1000

This message is being sent to everyone on my private Lout mailing
list, and also to the public Lout mailing list.  If you don't want
to receive such messages, let me know and I will delete your name.

I have placed the following files in my ftp directory, which is
ftp.cs.su.oz.au/jeff as usual:

    lout.3.04.tar.gz              Basser Lout Version 3.04
    lout.3.04.user.ps.gz          User's Guide (PostScript)
    lout.russian.1.0.tar.gz       Optional Russian language stuff
    lout.slovenian.1.0.tar.gz     Optional Slovenian language stuff
    lout-3.02-to-3.04.gz          Diff file from 3.02 to 3.04
    lout-3.03-to-3.04.gz          Diff file from 3.03 to 3.04

These are sneak preview versions of the forthcoming release of
Basser Lout.  If you are looking for a reliable, stable version
you are better off to wait until the official release, which will
be denominated Version 3.05.  I will inform you when it arrives.

This latest version has a number of bug fixes and enhancements;
if you asked for something recently, I've probably done it, and
you ought to test it now.  This version is probably portable to
DOS, and probably strictly ANSI C.

As usual, thanks for all the comments and suggestions.  Please keep
them rolling in.

Jeff Kingston

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