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Re: Lout error?

From: Aaron Roydhouse
Subject: Re: Lout error?
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 09:31:06 +1300

Hadmut> Hi, I just installed a newer version of Lout (3.02), but while
Hadmut> louting an older document I got the following error message:

Hadmut> lout: internal error: assert failed in DbInsert: null tag!

This sounds like something that has caught me several times. When
using old documents with the new lout you have to delete any old
database files (loud.ld, lout.li, my-doc.ld, my-doc.ld.ld. etc.).
Otherwise a whole raft of strange errors ensue.  I stuffed around with
my lout source for a fair while before I came to my senses :-)

This could be mentioned in the install docs somewhere, I probably read
it and forgot it.

It would be nice if lout checked the version of database files before
using them, and purged out-of-date files.


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