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Re: Experiments with tables

From: Joe Smith
Subject: Re: Experiments with tables
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 95 14:41:40 -0500

Speaking of tables in lout...

I'm almost embarassed to ask, but has anyone tried (or heard of)
compiling lout for MSDOS - say with djgpp?  I couldn't find anything
in the README's or the lout announcement about portability or current
implementations; and I haven't tried it - I had to sacrifice djgpp for
the disk space.

I need something for DOS (well, DOS/Windows) that can take a bunch of
data (say ~35 columns x 50 rows) and generate a nicely printed table
(yes, it will take more than one page to be readable).  So far I'm
looking at hacking RTF, which looks possible but painful and will
still require running Word to print it.

 Joe Smith
 University of Pennsylvania                address@hidden
 Department of Physiology                          (215) 898-0485 - work
 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6059                       (609) 854-6428 - home

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