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Makefile for a lout document

From: DaviD W. Sanderson
Subject: Makefile for a lout document
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 19:55:29 -0600

I haven't seen anything like this on the list, so I thought I'd chip in.

Since the number of times you have to run lout to regenerate your
document can vary, it can be tedious to regenerate it by hand.  Here's a
Makefile fragment that will do it for you.

Note that it only stops when the lout run generates no errors at all, so
it might not be useful for some documents.

Understanding how it works should be an interesting puzzle for beginning
shell programmers!

Adapt to taste.


        ifile=all;              \
        ofile=all.ps;           \
        tfile=/tmp/xx$$$$;      \
        trap "rm -f $$tfile" 0; \
        echo xx > $$tfile;      \
        while   [ -s $$tfile ]; \
        do      echo "lout $$ifile >$$ofile";                   \
                lout $$ifile 2>&1 >$$ofile | tee $$tfile;       \

DaviD W. Sanderson                                    address@hidden
Space Science and Engineering Center    University of Wisconsin-Madison
"The Noah Webster of smileys"    - The Wall Street Journal, 15 Sep 1992

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