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Re: Lout => HTML ?

From: Karl Eichwalder
Subject: Re: Lout => HTML ?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 94 19:59 MET

>>>>> "Colas" == Colas Nahaboo <address@hidden> writes:

    Colas> So, what are the solutions to write a documentation in lout
    Colas> but still be able to generate .html (or .info or unix man
    Colas> pages, or even plain text) online forms?  Or are there other
    Colas> ways (an interactive postscript viewer with a hack to have
    Colas> hyper links?)

The cleanest solution IMO: write SGML documents and than process it in a
manner, that the parsed output will be .lout, .tex, .man or anything
else.  All SGML tags have to be replaced, so that the final output is
TeX or lout code or HTML.

Unfortunately right now I do not know a replacement file which will
generate lout code.


    2007 Jun 13 94 ./linux/mirrors/sunsite/utils/text/linuxdoc-sgml-1.1.FIXES
   11269 Nov 23 94 ./linux/mirrors/sunsite/utils/text/linuxdoc-sgml-1.1.FIXES2
  287478 Jun 08 94 ./linux/mirrors/sunsite/utils/text/linuxdoc-sgml-1.1.tar.gz

will give you an idea (it not only Linux related).


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