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Re: Lout => HTML ?

From: rodrigo vanegas
Subject: Re: Lout => HTML ?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 12:30:30 -0500

> PS: Is there a lout FAQ? is there a newsgroup for lout-ers? is there
> a ftp site for contributed packages?

No need for a newsgroup yet.  This mailing list has less than 200
subscribers.  I can provide an ftp site for contributed stuff, but
have not announced its availability (until now, i guess).

There is a 20 line FAQ which is there only for presence.  The truth is
that i have not yet noticed that there have been too many repeated
questions, so the need for a FAQ is questionable.  Perhaps one to
address the isse of Lout<-->{HTML,Info,TeX,ASCII} is in order.  But i
hesitate, because i don't know what would make a good standard or even
tentative answer!

rodrigo vanegas

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