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Lout => HTML ?

From: Colas Nahaboo
Subject: Lout => HTML ?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 15:38:55 +0100

Hi, I just dicovered lout and as a long-time (La)TeX user it seems to me a very
relevant replacement of TeX.

However, what I need is the ability to generate online documentations, if
possible with hypertext links. For instance, some co-worker here writes in info
and generates .ps (paper) and html (online), some other writes in framemaker
and generates html, I used latex, and now uses framemaker and generate plain

So, what are the solutions to write a documentation in lout but still be able to
generate .html (or .info or unix man pages, or even plain text) online forms?
Or are there other ways (an interactive postscript viewer with a hack to have
hyper links?)

I was thinking having to write in some lout subset and write a translater from
this subset to html? or can I hook lout code to make it output non-postcript
forms easily?

Any kind of experience can help me, even if it involves some programming.
Hacking doesnt frighten me (In fact I love it :-)

PS: Is there a lout FAQ? is there a newsgroup for lout-ers? is there a ftp site
for contributed packages?

PS2: I ported (well, just had to compile) lout to the amiga, and will upload
the binary to the amiga ftp sites (aminet mirrors)

Colas Nahaboo, Koala, BULL @ INRIA Sophia, http://www.inria.fr/koala/colas

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