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Re: Equations

From: roffe
Subject: Re: Equations
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 16:04:14 +0100

rodrigo vanegas writes:
 > Isn't TeX itself public domain?  Couldn't we simply *take* these fonts
 > for ourselves, giving credit where its due, and do only the
 > Lout-specific work thereafter?
no, because the fonts as such are represented in a format that TeX
cannot read. there are several options:

either, translate the fonts to PostScript.  this has been done in the
past, but I don't know if the fonts lose a lot in the translation.

or, create an extention for professional math that requires Lucida,
MathTimes, or another commercial math font package.

alternatively, learn from TeX, find out which mistakes have been made
there, redo the job from scratch in Lout, buliding on experience gained
From TeX.


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