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From: thursto1
Subject: Equations
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 23:33:40 -0500

I must say, the equations in the manual distributed with Lout are not
really up to snuff, at least compared to TeX.  I would use Lout, since
TeX seems awfully kludgy to me, except for this important point.  The
integral signs, for instance, are straight vertical and have ugly ends,
rather than the graceful curves of TeX, and the square root doesn't close
up correctly.  Is somebody working on this?  I know it's difficult, but
it's necessary.

Also, from casually perusing the manual, it seems that Lout encourages
an imperative style of writing, rather than describing the logical structure
of the document.  LaTeX, for instance, does this last well; it's easy to
change the global look of a document without going through the whole thing
(at least if the document is written well).  Is anybody working on a
package like this?

--Dylan Thurston

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