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Re: Contributing software

Subject: Re: Contributing software
Date: 16 Nov 94 08:27:17 -0100

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Kingston <<address@hidden>, address@hidden> writes:

    Jeff> I'd like to find out what people think about the whole issue
    Jeff> of contributing software to the Lout world.  At present, the
    Jeff> only Lout-related software available on the net (as far as I
    Jeff> am aware) is the Lout distribution itself. 

[[skipped stuff]]

    Jeff> Occasionally I get requests from people to incorporate their
    Jeff> software into the Lout distribution, but I have always
    Jeff> declined to do this so far.  The problem with it from my
    Jeff> point of view is that if I start to accept such
    Jeff> contributions, I either have to accept everything or else
    Jeff> set myself up as some kind of referee.  Neither course
    Jeff> appeals.

IMHO a tentative solution would be to ask the lout mailing list what
people think about such and such contributed software. If a
contributed software has several (satisfied) user i believe it might
be added (as a seperate ftp.cs.su.oz.au:/jeff/loutcontrib-0.1.tar.gz

One thing that is lacking is a list of lout mirror ftp
sites. Australia is far from many places and ftp transmissions are not
good (at least from here, near Paris, in France). Unfortunately i
can't help since i don't have write access to any ftp server
accessible from outside of my organization (CEA).


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N.B. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine, and not of my organization.
N.B. Les opinions exprimees ici me sont personnelles et n engagent pas le CEA.

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