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Lout Version 3 update

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Lout Version 3 update
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 12:05:45 +1000

This message is being sent to everyone on my private Lout mailing
list.  If you don't want to receive such messages, let me know
and I will delete your name.

I have placed a slightly revised Lout release in my ftp directory
(Version 3.02).  It has German error messages, a built-in tag
called last.page so that you can write "@PageOf last.page" with the
obvious meaning, and less alarming behaviour in some error cases.

If you've been involved in any of these changes I would very much
appreciate it if you would get 3.02, install it right away, and let
me know how it goes: I want to distribute it on comp.sources.misc
as soon as I hear that it installs and runs.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions.  Please keep
them rolling in, only don't expect to see them reflected in new
releases for a while now.  Version 3 seems sufficiently reliable
and stable to deserve to be left alone for a while.

Jeff Kingston

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