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Re: Quikscript review

From: Graham Freeman
Subject: Re: Quikscript review
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 13:09:30 --1000

Peter -

The review you have written on Quikscript is fair.  I have a couple of 

The sender would be better given as
   Sender: address@hidden (Graham Freeman)

It is possible to include comments within a document, using the %\%
keyword.  Everything following on the line will be ignored by Quikscript. 

There is no manual page for catex, catm or notab because I cannot assume
these programs will be used on a Unix machine.  I do assume that Quikscript
users will print the manual and rely on this hardcopy rather than an electronic
version.  At 51 pages, it is too large for comfortable electronic access.

It is not possible for Quikscript to comply with the Adobe document structuring
conventions because each document is read as text within the printer, with
page breaks being determined dynamically.  However, if I need a document 
structured with these comments, I can run Qs and the document through 
"distillery".  The version of distillery distributed by Adobe has errors, 
but a corrected version is available from the "ftp.adfa.oz.au" site in 
"pub/postscript".  It has been sent to Adobe, in the hope that they will 
accept the corrections.  (The document resulting from distillery is usually
astonishingly compact.)

                        Graham Freeman


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