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Lout Version 3 sneak preview update

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Lout Version 3 sneak preview update
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 1994 11:28:12 +1000

I have placed what will almost certainly be the final sneak
preview version of Lout Version 3 in file lout.sneak4.tar.gz
in the usual ftp directory (subdirectory jeff of ftp to
ftp.cs.su.oz.au).  At the request of several users, compression
is now done by gzip rather than compress; please let me know
if this is a problem for you.

If you reported a bug and haven't seen a version that fixes it
yet, or if you supplied information for a language and haven't
seen it incorporated yet, I'd be grateful if you could get hold
of sneak4 and try it out in the next few days.  Assuming that
no new problems emerge, I will then change the version number
to 3.01 and make the public release.

Jeff Kingston

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