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[Lookat-users] Lookat - Bekijk 1.4.1rc1 released

From: staf wagemakers
Subject: [Lookat-users] Lookat - Bekijk 1.4.1rc1 released
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 17:56:15 +0200
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"lookat" (or "bekijk" in Dutch) is a program to view text files and
manual pages. It is designed to be more user-friendly than more
conventional text viewers such as less.


Lookat / Bekijk 1.4.1rc1  ( 12 Aug 2006 )
 - BUGFIX: compile warnings SUNpro C compiler on solaris corrected
 - auto window resize in view mode

Lookat / Bekijk 1.4.1pre1 ( 17 May 2006 )
 - BUGFIX: compile warnings corrected
 - BUGFIX: This version will compile correctly on 64 bits systems

lookat 1.4.1rc1 is available at


have fun,


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