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[Logs-devel] New LoGO and more crew!

From: Jim Prewett
Subject: [Logs-devel] New LoGO and more crew!
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 06:18:44 -0700 (MST)

Hi All,

I've got some good news: LoGS has some new people and a new logo!

I'd like to introduce Sheryl Hurley and Nancy Gough to those of you who 
don't know them yet.  Sheryl will be doing graphic design (like this new 
logo) for us in her *copious* free time ;)  Nancy will be providing us 
with copy editing type skillz - In fact, Nancy has done this for LoGS in 
the past, its just now that I'm getting around to acknowledging her (my 

I've put the latest revision of Sheryl's new logo on my LoGS page 
(http://www.hpc.unm.edu/~download/LoGS/).  I think its super-spiffy! :)

Welcome aboard Nancy and Sheryl!,

James E. Prewett                    address@hidden address@hidden 
Systems Team Leader           LoGS: http://www.hpc.unm.edu/~download/LoGS/ 
Designated Security Officer         OpenPGP key: pub 1024D/31816D93    
HPC Systems Engineer III   UNM HPC  505.277.8210

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