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Re: [Logs-devel] fixing (removing) dynamically bound variables

From: Aashish Sharma
Subject: Re: [Logs-devel] fixing (removing) dynamically bound variables
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 10:50:19 -0600
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I am still quite unfamiliar with LoGS but I will definitely stress the 
importance of having ENVIRONMENT variables storing the dynamically bound 

I work with SEC rules and was getting into issues of a cascade modification 
problem where I would be going into each rule file and trying to determine and 
change paths for scripts folders or such local variables. I ended up 
initializing a lot of environment variables and made sec read those values in 
rule set. That made things a little simplified. 

I think a conf file with default paths and other dynamic variables with default 
values would be a good feature to have. 

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 12:03:52AM -0700, Jim Prewett wrote:
> > How would we pass the ENVIRONMENT to the actions?
> I was thinking of modifying run-actions in rule.lisp in partiucular to 
> remove the IN-GIVEN-ENVIRONMENT references and instead funcall the action 
> functions with an additional argument: This is the simplest thing I can 
> think of to do.
> I also think that such a change would make testing a ruleset simpler as, 
> instead of having variables bound, they would be passed in in a 
> predictable way.
> It should also make all of that scoping stuff we were talking about 
> resolve itself very nicely.  Variables bound by in/the Lisp code would be 
> clearly separated from things bound by the match functions.  Lisp already 
> does its scoping right and LoGS already maintains the ENVIRONMENT list 
> correctly; My concern before was in how these "variables" could co-exist 
> in the sensibly in the same namespace, which, possibly, they cannot in any 
> sensible way.
> I've done a little playing with this and I think the modifications should 
> be pretty small.
> Jim
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