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[Logs-devel] fixing (removing) dynamically bound variables

From: Jim Prewett
Subject: [Logs-devel] fixing (removing) dynamically bound variables
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 05:12:07 -0700 (MST)


I've been trying to think of a simple way to remove all dynamically bound 
variables from LoGS.

My proposal (aka the best think I've come up with so far) is to have 
"Environment"s be passed in to action functions, changing the lammbda list 
for an action from simply (MESSAGE) to (MESSAGE &optional ENVIRONMENT).

The user would also no longer be able to bind variables by returning 
things from the match function; so the ENVIRONMENT would have to be 
queried by the action function.  

In this reguard, I'm also proposing that ENVIRONMENTs be changed from a 
list of lists where the car represents the key (variable name) and the 
cadr represents the value to a true association list (alist) so that we 
could use built-in Lisp functions like assoc to access them.

This way, it is no longer mysterious where a variable's value might come 
from, it should be clear.  It will also clear up if a variable is meant to 
be bound at compile time (whenever the ruleset is put together) or at run 

What do you think?

James E. Prewett                    address@hidden address@hidden 
Systems Team Leader           LoGS: http://www.hpc.unm.edu/~download/LoGS/ 
Designated Security Officer         OpenPGP key: pub 1024D/31816D93    
HPC Systems Engineer III   UNM HPC  505.277.8210

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