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[lmi] Update wxWidgets submodule to use wx pre-3.3.0

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] Update wxWidgets submodule to use wx pre-3.3.0
Date: Mon, 1 May 2023 00:39:43 +0200


 The branch wx-pre-3.3.0 in my repository (corresponding to the pull
request at https://github.com/let-me-illustrate/lmi/pull/230) contains a
small change removing the now unnecessary --with-cxx=11 option and a commit
updating the version of wxWidgets to the latest (as of today, 2023-05-01)
master which includes changes to use standard library containers and other
classes by default almost everywhere in wxWidgets and so also removing the
--enable-stl option which is not needed any longer.

 I've done only rather cursory testing of lmi with the new wxWidgets
version and it would merit more testing, as, while the STL-ification
changes themselves should be rather safe (i.e. don't risk breaking any
previously working code), there have been plenty of other changes in wx
master, including the use of WS_EX_COMPOSITED style in wxMSW by default,
which results in smoother behaviour when resizing or repainting windows,
but did lead to several regressions -- all of which have been fixed, but,
of course, there is a possibility that there are more of them.

 Another big new feature in wx master is the support for "dark mode" under
MSW, which was the most requested feature among wx user base. lmi has no
special support for using dark mode, but it can still be tested with it by
setting WX_MSW_DARK_MODE environment variable to the value of 2: the
results are not perfect, as some changes would be needed at lmi level
itself too to really look nicely in dark mode, but not too horrible, so I
mention this just in passing and in case anybody could be interested in

 Other than that, there have been many bug fixes, as usual, in both wxMSW
and wxGTK, with ~1500 new commits in master compared to 3.2.2 which lmi
uses now, most of which shouldn't affect lmi, but some of them do (but only
for the better).

 Anyhow, please let me know if you have any questions about the changes in
this branch or anything else.

 Thanks in advance,

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