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[lmi] Does doxygen's client-side search work?

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: [lmi] Does doxygen's client-side search work?
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 03:07:22 +0000
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The lmi search box here:
doesn't work for me, on either:
  - my debian workstation, with firefox; or
  - a corporate msw laptop, with ms-edge.
(I entered the name of a class, copied and
pasted from the "Class List", and hit Enter,
but nothing whatsoever happened; and neither
uBlock Origin nor uMatrix is blocking anything
on the page.)

I've set:
  SEARCHENGINE           = YES
which ought to be enough if I've understood the

The wx search box here:
doesn't work for me, either, at least not on my
own machine with firefox. (However, it fails to
work in a different way than lmi's: when I hit
Enter, it takes me to an empty doxygen page, e.g.:

Am I missing something obvious?

Perhaps it would be better for lmi to set:
  SEARCHENGINE           = NO
because tools like git-grep and vim are probably
better than doxygen's search.

In fact, although doxygen looks like a good idea
in theory, and lmi code has quite a few sections
of documentation, formatted with doxygen in mind,
that come through pretty well, e.g.:
it doesn't seem all that useful in practice for
lmi (I'd rather just read the source code).
Therefore, I'm not going to fret over defects like
its making the capitalized indefinite article a
hyperlink (there's a class named "A" somewhere);
especially not in light of LLVM's doxygen pages,
which treat 'true' and 'unsigned' similarly, e.g.:
It's astonishing that wx's doxygen documentation
is so good; I'd guess that the effort to produce
and maintain it amounts to more than a person-year.

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