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[lmi] Building lmi under WSL -- new makefile or extend an existing one?

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: [lmi] Building lmi under WSL -- new makefile or extend an existing one?
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 19:34:00 +0200


 Ilya has created a pull request with the preliminary version of the
changes needed to build lmi under WSL out of the box. You can see the
current version at https://github.com/vadz/lmi/pull/108/files and your
feedback about any part of it would be welcome, of course, but the really
important question right now is whether you prefer to have a separate new
msw_wsl.make file, as Ilya has initially done it, or if you'd like to add
WSL support into one of the existing files, i.e. either msw_cygwin.make or

 I had initially asked Ilya to add it to the latter one because, logically,
WSL is a kind of Linux system and compiling under it shouldn't be very
different from compiling under any other Linux. However the existing
msw_generic.make should really be called msw_wine.make as it uses Wine
unconditionally, so doing what I wanted would require a few changes. IMHO
they would be worth it, and I think we should even consider creating a
separate msw_wine.make with Wine-specific parts. But then I'd go even
further and would move all the common parts of msw_{cygwin,generic}.make
into msw_common.make and then maybe got rid of msw_generic.make entirely as
it should become practically empty.

 But while this would make more sense, it would also be a much bigger
change, so if your main concern is minimizing the changes to the existing
makefiles, it might be finally better to not change them at all, except for
the minimal required change to configuration.make, and add a separate
msw_wsl.make, as Ilya had done, even if this means that a big chunk already
present in msw_{cygwin,generic}.make would be duplicated another time in
the new file.

 Could you please let me know what would you prefer to do here?

 Thanks in advance!

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